I like reading short stories and sometimes novels. I read books that are recommended by my friends; that have the same author that I like and that have matters that interests me. When reading books, I tend to finish it with minimum interruptions as much as possible. And with me are a pen and a piece of blank paper to jot down notes.

Korean Dramas

Some may not understand why I take notes about the scenes, characters, and other interesting words from Anime and Korean dramas. Anime and Korean dramas (not movies) are often divided in episodes. I have experienced stopping to watch in certain episodes to finish my responsibility. Then when it’s time to resume, I got lost from my momentum and have to check several episodes to regain it. This step is quiet inconvenient and consumes time. So I thought of taking notes to guide me to regain the moment and decided to post it thinking that some may relate to this situation.


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