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While the city was busy in celebrating its founding anniversary on March 16, 2012, I and my buddy opted for an eco-adventure. We spent the day zorbing, strolling around the crocodile park, ziplining and dining.

Starting point was at St. Francis of Assisi at Maa, Davao City. We hired a single motorcycle and negotiated the driver for the impromptu package:  rides to Zorb, Crocodile Park, Tribu k’ Mindanawan, Butterfly house and Zip City. The driver also served as our tour guide and photographer.


At 9 am, we seemed to be the first customer of the day. After the necessary safety precautions, we were set. For less than a minute, we rolled over the hill, screaming and laughing at our faces. I did not close my eyes enabling me to see my partner, the sky and the ground. At one moment, the harness of my right leg was loosened up. I was a bit terrified that if the harness of the left leg will also be loosened, I will be in a horrific situation. After we got out, we walk like a drunkard for a while.

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What do you expect at Davao Crocodile Park? Obviously, we strolled around and took pictures of Crocodiles, snakes and the different kinds of birds including ostrich, owl and eagle.

What really amazed me was the sight of the tigers. I really wanna hug them and almost forget that they were wild. We also watched the cute tiger cub playing.

The park not only shows live wild animals but also the preserved ones such as the skeleton of the giant crocodile and the stuffed monkey and bird.

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In the adjacent place was the Tribu K’ Mindanawanwhich showcases the cultural entities and dance presentations about Mindanao’s tribal groups. Nearby also was the River Walk Grill which offers exotic foods such as Crocodile along with its other services.

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Few meters away, there located the Butterfly house. It was just a small place full of plants enclosed in an orchid net. You can witness the metamorphosis of the butterflies, collection of the dead butterflies and the discovery that the giant brown butterfly was not a butterfly but a moth called MARIPOSA.

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Seeing the heights and realizing that the zip line offers no tandem ride, my buddy did not dare. Since I was that determined, I tried and bought a Php 300- ticket worth of zip line and Php 100 worth of consumable food at Dencio’s sa Hilltop  . After the precautionary measures, I was set. I don’t really have that fear of the so called ‘heights’. I believe it’s the thought of falling when everything goes wrong. And so I prayed and took the risk. Had I not took the risk, I will not experience the feeling of being on top of the city. I watched the evergreen, the ocean and the portion of the downtown.

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At the other end of the line there waited my buddy. We went to Dencio’s Hilltop to have our lunch.

What I liked about the place was the simple yet clean facilities, reasonable prices of the food and the great location. Even at 12 noon, the place was still cool with the wind refreshing ourselves. We ordered their Chicken Inasal and Calamares which I find delicious. The place was beautiful that I sighed when I wasn’t able to capture the beauty.

Going back to the starting point, the driver offered for a tour in Brgy. Langub but my partner didn’t like the idea. So we just went home with a feeling of fulfillment of the day’s experience.